Shutter Monkey

Flash, bang, whallop what a picture!

A comedy show with pictures.

Ian Fox Exposes Himself

Flash, bang, whallop what a picture!

Also a comedy show with pictures.

One Man Defective Story

Introducing the world’s least respected detective!

A one man detective story involving the world’s least respected detective.

More storytelling than straight stand-up in the crime and detective genre. It’s not some about solving the case and working out what happened to my shoes.


The Butterfly Effect

Thrills, Spills and a masturbating monkey!

Can a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon cause a tornado in Texas?

The theory of the Butterfly Effect states how seemingly trivial events can have huge consequences and explains how one ninny’s inability to text the word spaghetti can lead to a 15 mile tailback on the motorway.

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