After the 2010 Edinburgh fringe I compiled some articles to help new comers successfully produce a Free Festival show.

So far the site hosting the articles has been viewed over 10,000 times.

How to Produce a Free Festival Show

After producing a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the last 8 years, Ian Fox has produced a helpful guide on how to produce a Free Festival show. Continue reading →

Production Schedule

What to do between January and August and when to do it… Continue reading →

5 Money, Time Saving and Stress Reducing Hints for Fringe Show Production

It can be massively stressful producing your own show so I’ve compiled a list of 5 common problems that can cause you grief, suggested possible solutions and included some money-saving tips.… Continue reading →

How To Promote a Fringe Show

Interview piece with Ivor Dembina, Bob Slayer and Lynn Ruth Miller on promoting a Free Festival shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. Continue reading →

How to Promote a Fringe show – part 2

Whilst trying to get feedback from audience members I received two really helpful emails from different sources offering their thoughts… Continue reading →

How to apply to do a Free Festival show

Full instructions on applying for Free Festival shows are on the Free Festival website. The application process starts in January … Continue reading →

How to list a show in the fringe programme.

40 words, not many to describe a whole show but that’s the maximum you can have in the fringe programme. People complain it’s not enough. I think it’s fine if you think about it and spend some time editing it. … Continue reading →

How to list a show in the fringe programme – part 2

Bob Doolally's World Cup BallsTwo seasoned promoters with a history of producing shows at the fringe give their input on the best ways to list your show in the fringe guide.… Continue reading →

Best Fringe Comedy Posters Edinburgh 2010

Selling a fringe show and poster design  are two subjects I’m fascinated by. I think these posters are my favourite ones from the 2010 fringe. … Continue reading →

Best Posters from the 2010 Free Festival fringe shows

My selection of the best Free Festival posters from 2010. Bold, eye-catching and unreservedly smutty.… Continue reading →

Best Fringe Comedy Posters Edinburgh 2009

Following on from the popularity of the compilation of posters from the 2010 programme, these posters are my favourite ones from 2009 … Continue reading

Audience members feedback

For the past month I’ve advertised on various forums to get feedback from audience members about what has attracted them to specific shows and what has put them off seeing a show … Continue reading →

The Best Fringe Piss Takes….so far

There’s many a true word spoken in jest. I noticed the term #notfringe appearing on twitter today. Here is a compilation of my favourite tweets to sum up the fringe for you …Continue reading →

The Best Fringe Piss Takes….Part 2

More fringe piss takers. … Continue reading →

Create a comedy showcase.

Random suggestion number 1. One of the reasons people choose to go to the fringe is to network with other acts and agents.… Continue reading →

Critics Interviews

The published interviews so far are with:-

Jay Richardson Award Winning Freelance Journalist

Steve Bennett from Chortle

Julia Chamberlain who reviews for Chortle

Geoff Evans from One4review

Claire Smith from the Scotsman

Julian Hall from the Independent

Tim Arthur from Time Out

Marissa Burgess from Manchester Evening News and reviewer for Chortle and The List

Review team from The Stage including veteran critic Gerald Berkowitz who was voted to London’s prestigious Critics Circle in 2006

Chris Hislop from Fringe Review.

Comedians Interviews

A series of interviews with comedians with a long Edinburgh history.

Published interviews so far:-

Toby Hadoke

Jason Cook

Kev F Sutherland (Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre) Kev first visited the fringe as punter in 1984. Since then he’s produced over 10 shows, one featured Miranda Hart and was commissioned for an ITV1 show in 2002.

Patrick Monahan published 28th December

Pete Jonas Dark Side of the Poon was one of the most talked about shows of 2010.  In this interview Pete gives his side of the story.

James Sherwood James has written 6 shows in the last 6 years. As well as creating a panel show for Radio 4 “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The News” which aired in August and September 2009.

Vladimir MacTavish Stand Up Comedian, Character Actor, Writer, Public Speaker, as well as a Star of BAFTA nominated “Live Floor Show”. In 2009 he published the 50 Greatest Scots of all time, ever based on his shows from 2008 and 2009, which featured a foreword by Frankie Boyle.

Craig Campbell His ’s TV credits include Michael Mcintyre’s Comedy Roadshow, The Comedy Store, Edinburgh and Beyond and Russell Howard’s Good News. In Canada he was co-host of the legendary Ed’s Night Party, and guested on numerous Canadian TV shows such as, Jim Carrey Live, The Dennis Miller Show and Just for Laughs.