How to Write, Perform and Produce a Cancelled Edinburgh Fringe Show : Quick Guide: Complete guide on how to not write, perform and produce a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Kindle Edition

In these unprecedented times, there’s now a handy unprecedented book to help Fringe producers with an unprecedented problem: how to produce a cancelled fringe show

From the team who created the self-explanatorily titled How to Write, Perform and Produce and Edinburgh Fringe Show, comes a new compact, free, mercifully-brief ebook.

Advice includes:

When and how to cancel things
The economics of a cancelled Fringe
How not to travel to Edinburgh
Writing a show that’s cancelled
How not to get a review for a show that isn’t happening

Already on its third cancelled print run!

Invaluable advice, I can’t wait to cancel
my order for it
”, Amazon Customer

I met these guys once in the street in
Edinburgh and I can heartily recommend
not reading a word they have to say
”, Anon